Alpinestars Angel Tech 10 Boots

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Alpinestars Angel Tech 10 Boots To celebrate the opening round of the hotly anticipated 2018 AMA Supercross season at Angel... Read More


Alpinestars Angel Tech 10 Boots

To celebrate the opening round of the hotly anticipated 2018 AMA Supercross season at Angel Stadium of Anaheim California, Alpinestars launches its Limited Edition ‘Angel’ Tech 10 Boot.

As the gate drops at A1, top professional racers from around the globe hit the dirt to set out their battle lines for the season ahead. Concentration, determination and passion will be the leading force for the teams and racers at Angel Stadium, and Alpinestars’ Limited Edition ‘Angel’ captures all the energy and buzz of this iconic race. The cool gray, black and yellow fluo boot brings a high-speed ray of light to the competition weekend while the custom color combo delivers an exhilarating burst of light to kick off the season.


  • The ne-piece c-injected ft chassis incrprates five different cmpunds in a single lightweight piece t ffer strength while maintaining flexibility and structural integrity.
  • Innvative, lightweight upper cmbines full-grain leather with advanced lightweight micrfiber and impact and abrasin resistant TPU shell.
  • Sft micrfiber gaiter helps seal ut excessive water and dirt entry.
  • Ply-fabric lining with 3D pen cell fam incrprates anti-sliding suede n heel area t keep ft lcated inside the bt.
  • Exclusive dual cmpund sle is seamlessly integrated t the multi-density ft base structure with built-in supprt.
  • The sle ffers superir durability, grip and feel while riding.
  • Medial-facing panel is cnstructed frm a ne-piece, specifically frmulated plymer fr imprved structural stability and integrity, and incrprates rubber insert panel fr maximum grip cntact with bike and imprved abrasin resistance.
  • Multi-density ft shell incrprating heel and te prtectin is highly resistant t abrasin and impact, and adds t the bt’s verall durability.


  • The Tech 10 bt is CE certified.
  • Frntal prtectin features a dual clsure system with an internal micrfiber flap, plus Velcr® fr a precise fit clsure attached securely with a micr adjustable, easy t perate, lightweight buckle.
  • Shin incrprates a unique TPU blade system engineered t prevent frntal hyperextensin and ffer greater flex cntrl.
  • Cntured TPU calf prtectr plate ffers impact resistance and incrprates Alpinestars innvative rear blade system, frmed with hard shck resistant plymer t prtect the heel and features a rear hyperextensin guard.


  • The central sle insert is easily replaceable and Alpinestars ffers a full sle replacement and bt repair service.
  • New buckle clsure system includes high-impact aluminium bridge clsures, with memry and a quick release/lcking system with self-aligning design fr easy, precise clsure and imprved riding perfrmance and security.
  • All buckles are easily replaceable.
  • Innvative, ergnmic design fr lateral and medial flex znes t prvide superb frnt and rear flexin supprt which helps prevent damaging trsinal frces arund the ankle area.


  • Innvative bimechanical inner ankle brace features medial and lateral trsin bars t cntrl ankle and leg rtatin, while allwing freedm f mvement.
  • These dual cnnectin trsin bars ffer the rider natural ankle mvement with prgressive damping f trsinal frces during an accident.
  • TPU prtectin and shck absrbing padding n the heel and ankles and an ultra thin and flexible freft area fr increased sensitivity and cntrl.
  • New, dual cmpund, remvable anatmic ftbed includes EVA fr cmfrt and supprt and aids even weight distributin.




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