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Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves [Reviewed For Men and Women]

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves [Reviewed For Men and Women]

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Don’t you hate riding in the rain? It can feel like a million tiny shotgun pellets fired at non-lethal speeds all over your body, as you’re trying to control bike, in traffic, on pavement that can feel like glass. Also, there’s lightening. ‘Nuff said, right?

Unless, of course, you’re wearing the right rain gear.

If you’re in a rain suit, with waterproof gloves, suddenly the rainstorm becomes interesting and not a painful distraction during a ride. Rain gear takes away the maddening pings of droplets that takes your mind away from what’s important; safety in the sea of 3,000 pound cars all around you.

Motorcycle gloves are an imperative piece of rain gear equipment that can keep your hands and arms dry. You’ll thank us for stopping all the cold runlets of water that travel up your arms if you raise them above your waist during a heavy downpour. Plus, you’ll retain a firmer grip on handlebars that can grow slick in a rainstorm.

We’ve assembled 11 (there’s bonus!) of the best motorcycle gloves for your shopping pleasure this year. They perform well, keeping you dry in the roughest conditions. As an added bonus, they do a nice job protecting your hands during a spill. Let’s roll.

Five by Five – Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves – For Men

1) Alpinestars Rage Drystar Gloves.

Let’s start with the A’s, and by that we mean “A+” for the Alpinestars Rage Drystar GlovesSure, they’re $100 gloves, but they wear like they’re $100 gloves. Trust us, in a rainstorm; you’re going to want these gloves on your phalanges. These are full-grain leather with reinforcements at the thumb and palm to help with grip firmness. They don’t have the wrist gauntlet, instead ending at the short-cuff. Instead the gloves focus on palm and finger padding with carbon compounding in those areas to protect you in case of a bad fall.

Alpinestars Rage Drystar Gloves

There’s a comfortable stretch insert on the palm that makes it ergonomically efficient, along with stretchy leather accordions on the fingers for flex-power. For you knuckle draggers, there’s carbon fiber in the knuckle protection to maximize shock absorption should you land hard in a puddle. The palms, fingers and back of the hand also have this protection along with extra padding that does not in any way make you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This is a five-star glove at the top of our list this year.

2) Firstgear Fargo Gloves

We also dig the Firstgear Fargo Gloves, and not just because we like that movie. These are highly rated, but a little less expensive than the Alpinestars.

Firstgear Fargo Gloves

Benefits-wise, these are three-season gloves that insulate even on the back of the hand. There’s even a shield wiper on the left thumb, which is super effective. (We know they’ll slap wiper blades on helmets…someday.) The Fargo’s have an adjustable internal wrist strap that lets you button it down in the worst weather. There’s also knuckle caps and reflective piping in the sides for safety. The gloves even come with a two-year manufacturers warranty. Pretty good bang for the buck in the Fargo.

3) Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Gloves

Outdoor enthusiasts would wear Gore-Tex underwear if they made it. That’s partially why the Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Gloves are so popular, despite the good-sized price tag. Riders give it high marks for safety and weather protection.

Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Gloves

These are 100% weatherproof with full leather construction. There’s finger protection with added carbon and a hard plastic palm sliders. You get two (ding!ding!) visor wipers on both index fingers and touchscreen fingertips on the index fingers. These gloves will mold to your hand as you break them in, which helps with fatigue. They’re not overly bulky, but they do get a little warm in hot weather. On the flip side, they let the heat in if you have heated grips, which also help with comfort on long trips. Yes, it’s true that Rukka thought of everything with these gloves, making them worth the money in our opinion.

4) REV’IT Mantra Glove

The back in black basic REV’IT Mantra Glove is a simple leather hand protector offering classic appeal with some modern amenities.

REV’IT Mantra Glove

Those clever REV’ITs injected some Temperfoam into the padding of the knuckle and palm, so your hands will stay protected a little more during a hard slide. The Mantras are made with goatskin and sued leather with a tri-fleece liner. The waterproofing is made of Hydratex, which helps with breathability. There’s an adjustable strap at the wrist along with a leather visor wiper. Decent set of gloves for the investment.

5) Oxford Spartan Gloves

Finally, under the “cheap but decent” category we have the Oxford Spartan Gloves. You’ll strut around like King Leonidas when you realize that you just picked up a pretty good set of knuckle shields at a bargain basement price.

Oxford Spartan Gloves

These are warrior gloves, with a waterproof membrane and thermal lining. There’s a visor wiper and adjustable wristbands. There’s plenty of padding in these basic gloves that would make a lot of people pay more – but you don’t have to if you pickup the Oxford Spartan’s.

Five by Five – Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves -- for Women

1) Rukka Vilma Gore-Tex X-Trafit Women’s Gloves

Go Gore-Tex for water protection, okay? The Rukka Vilma Gore-Tex X-Trafit Women’s Gloves. These gloves are pre-curved, with a double wrist strap, which makes them fit well right out of the chute.

Rukka Vilma Gore-Tex X-Trafit Women’s Gloves

They’re not bulky at all, and in fact, you’ll experience good sensitivity, with a touch screen finger and a visor wiper on the left hand. In addition to that glorious Gore-Tex, the Rukka Vilma’s are made with leather and carbon fiber, so these get high marks for both durability and wearability. There’ knuckle and palm protection. These are good gloves for the long-fingered, and we found the sizing chart to be spot-on. Very comfortable weatherproof gloves that are worth what you pay for them.

2) Fly Terra Trek Women’s Gloves

We also like the Fly Terra Trek Women’s Gloves, which have a lot of good features for the money.

Fly Terra Trek Women’s Gloves

Waterproof and insulated, they don’t bulk up, although the extra padding does tend to make these gloves run a little small on the sizing chart. The Fly Terra’s are made with 3M Thinsulate insulation, leather, and nylon and leather panels. There’s a Hipora waterproof liner that’s fairly breathable. Although the price is right, these are generally best for cool rides.

3) Alpinestars Stella Transition Drystar Gloves

These gloves will make you want to yell, “Stella!” (Old movie reference, sorry.) No, really, these are gloves are outstanding for the price. We’re talking about the Alpinestars Stella Transition Drystar Gloves.

Alpinestars Stella Transition Drystar Gloves

These are not your male partner’s gloves; no, really, these were designed specifically to fit a woman’s hand – and it shows. These offer great winter protection in addition to being a durable piece of water resistant bike gear. You will absolutely not have liner slip in these gloves because they triple seal and bond all the layers in the glove. That’s exactly what you want in any motorcycle gear; the stuff stays in place even if you fly through the air with the greatest of ease (Heaven forbid). The other benefit of this approach is that it makes for a less bulky glove, which makes for greater touch and grip sensitivity.

The Stella is made of nylon and neoprene on the outside, with Alpinestar’s Drystar membrane for waterproofing and breathability. There’s suede on the palms and an extended wrist grip in the familiar gauntlet style, for protection and safety. The whole package is held on with Velcro, elastic, and a drawstring, which really helps with a smooth, tight fit up under or over your rain gear. The outside is made of Neoprene and Taslon nylon and these materials do a nice job keeping your hands and arms dry in any weather. Extras include a touchscreen fingertip for your smartphone or GPS.

4) Firstgear Explorer Women’s Gloves

Have you seen the Firstgear Explorer Women’s Gloves? Maybe not, because these girls sell out the show wherever they play. That’s because they’re taped to fit the smaller contours of a woman’s hand and shape.

Firstgear Explorer Women’s Gloves

The outside feels pretty lightweight and comfortable, but durable. The waterproofing is Hipora membrane and Thinsulate insulation that adds a lightweight, breathable feel to these pretty heavy-duty motorcycle gloves. If you don’t have heated handgrips, don’t worry, there’s extra fiberfill in the palm that keeps your hand warmer.

Inside, there is a Bemberg liner for cooling, with an adjustable wrist strap for an even more form fitting fit. We like the moderate price on these gloves and the attention to detail that ensures good fit for a woman with hands of any size. We believe them to be a decent glove for three seasons, and the pictures don’t really do them justice; these are nice looking, stylish gloves with reflective piping to increase your nighttime visibility.

5) Firstgear Fargo Women’s Gloves

Actually, you could wear these gloves in Fargo, North Dakota. The Firstgear Fargo Women’s Gloves are another in the mid-price line that is worth part of your paycheck. These gloves are pretty hot, and we aren’t talking about the amount of sweat you’ll generate riding your motorcycle in August.

Firstgear Fargo Women’s Gloves

We’re talking about glove-related eye candy, and the Fargo’s are well designed but kind of pretty while also looking badass. Can you be both? Oh, yes, all the best women are. * (*Author opinion.) Another set of three season gloves designed for girls who just wanna have fun on their bikes. These are super waterproof to withstand the worst rainstorm on a long stretch of highway. There’s an excellent visor wiper and great knuckle protection for safety. There’s great attention to overall detail here; there’s even a clip to hold the two gloves together for storage. You’ll never have to get frustrated while you look for that other! Dang! Glove! Again.

The exterior is leather with Thinsulate, which keeps you from feeling cow-like when you wear them. There are those cool gauntlet drawstrings again, along with an adjustable wrist strap with an unusual hook and loop close. We like the internal draw cord, too, which you can operate with one hand. Inside you’ll find soft poly-fleece, which also draws moisture away from the hand. Safety-wise, there’s a left thumb shield wiper and a hard knuckle cap for if you drag your hand on the pavement or channel Carrie Underwood and punch your cheating boyfriend in the face (don’t do that).

6) Firstgear Heated Women’s Glove

Bonus round!!! Last, but so not least is the Firstgear Heated Women’s Glove that we have to mention even though we’re going into summer – and even though we’ve covered our top 10. (We told you there was a bonus, okay?) Anyway, you should buy these spiffy warm gloves now before September hits, because they will be so gone.

Firstgear Heated Women’s Glove

We hate cold fingertips more than anything, but the Firstgear takes care of the issue. Instead of bulking up with snow mittens, check out these form-fitting gloves that are heavy enough for winter but lighter than you’d imagine for cool summer nights. The Firstgear is heated throughout the entire hand by plugging into the jacket liner or an alternate wire harness product. With the harness, you can adjust the temperature of the gloves separately from the jacket, which we think is a plus.

Once you go with heated gear, you’ll never be able to go backward, and these gloves are a nice place to get your feet wet with the idea of conductive warmth clothing lines. As you might imagine, these are waterproof so you don’t electrocute your silly self (joke), and they have 15 watts of DC heat that must be plugged into a Dual Heat-Troller (sold separately from the gloves). There’s a Thinsulate layer, but these are mostly cowhide for durability. There’s a hook/loop gauntlet closer and reinforced palm pads for added protection. These are must-have equipment for women that will probably make your boyfriend completely jealous.

We hoped you enjoyed our top ten best waterproof motorcycle gloves guide with the plus one goodie at the end. Watch for our next round of reviews coming soon.

Stay safe out there and just remember – the first 15 minutes in a rainstorm are always the slickest.


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