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How to Stop Your Motorcycle Helmet from Fogging

How to Stop Your Motorcycle Helmet from Fogging

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Bikers and fogged up motorcycle helmets simply don’t mix. No rider would ever consider riding with a steamed up visor since it can greatly impair their vision, increase the risk of accidents and turn their otherwise pleasant riding experience into a living nightmare! Nobody wants that for sure.

So, what causes the problem? Why do motorcycle helmets fog up easily when you ride your bike on wet, cold days? Well, this happens because the combination of the rain and the wind lowers the temperature of your visor so when you breathe, the moisture in the air you exhale condenses on the glass surface and turns to mist. As a result, you’ll end up with a fogged up helmet that makes it impossible for you to see clearly. Is there any rider who can put up with that?   

Solving the Problem: Ways to Stop Motorcycle Helmets from Fogging Up

Thankfully, you don’t have to bear the agony of wearing a fogged helmet anymore. You can stop your visor from misting up – and you can do so in more ways than one! Here are some ways by which you can keep your visor virtually moisture- and fog-free despite the weather.

Increase Ventilation

Increasing the ventilation or opening your vents to force the air you exhale away from your visor can help you keep your visor moisture-free. You can also remove the lower chin skirt piece to push exhaled air down or use the optional nose guard to lead exhaled air away from the visor.

Open the Visor

When you keep your visor open, all the air you exhale goes directly out of the helmet so there is absolutely no chance that you’ll end up with a misty visor. However, keeping your visor open is not recommended when it is raining or when you are riding at top speeds since the rain and the wind will hit you directly in the face and impair your vision. To counter this problem, most riding helmets now come with a notch that allows riders to partially open the visor. This way, you can avoid fogging up your visor while getting enough protection against the wind and the rain.

Get a Pinlock Visor

When it comes to anti-fogging technology, nothing beats a Pinlock visor! In fact, most motorcycle enthusiasts refer to it as the “Holy Grail” of all anti-fogging solutions. The Pinlock visor essentially acts as a double glazing to prevent moisture from building up on your main visor. A bubble of air sealed between the two visors (i.e. the Pinlock and the main visor) keeps it warmer than the main visor, thereby discouraging moisture from forming on the glass surface.

Most Pinlock users can attest that these visors are extremely effective in doing their job and are relatively easy to fit. They usually cost roughly the same as any replacement visor but may not be available for all visors. However, if you are planning to buy a higher end helmet, you’ll be glad to know that most of them come ready fitted with this amazing anti-fogging technology.

Get a Visor Insert

The Raleri FogStop is another excellent alternative to the Pinlock and is highly recommended in case you want to keep using your existing visor and/or if there is no available Pinlock for the visor you are currently using. Unlike the Pinlock, it easily sticks on the inside of any visor and doesn’t require you to use the Pinlock bolts. 

Go for the Respro Foggy Mask

If you are on the lookout for a cheaper yet highly rated alternative for the Pinlock, you might want to consider what the Respro foggy mask can do for you! Basically, the Respro foggy mask is a neoprene mask that fastens inside your motorcycle helmet. It effectively prevents mist from forming by covering your mouth and nose and directing exhaled air away from the visor. As an added bonus, the Respro mask prevents you from inhaling polluted air when riding your motorcycle.   

Use Water Repellents and Anti-Fog Treatments

Lastly, you can use water repellents and anti-fogging treatments to keep your visor and glasses fog-free. There are several products available in the market so you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget. Some riders recommend Carnauba wax while others go for commercial anti-fogging brands such as Fogtech, Muc-Off Anti-Fog and Shift It Anti-fog, to name a few. Most of these products can also be used on your glasses and internal sun visor. In addition, they can also be applied on your bike to avoid steamed up specs. The only downside is that you may need to re-apply them every couple of days to get maximum protection. 

Riding with a fogged up motorcycle helmet visor has been a problem for most riders for the longest time but you don’t have to go through it ever again. Each of these anti-fogging solutions can help you keep the problem at bay so you can have a safe, pleasant and enjoyable experience every time you take your motorcycle out for a ride.


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