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Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Buying Guide

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Buying Guide

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In the old days, bikers would pull up next to each other at a light and shout over the rumble of their pipes.

Thank God for Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

These helmets combine the best safety features with communication technology to keep your noggin intact while filling it up with David Bowie tunes, or a lively discussion of that barn you just rode past.

Whether it’s talking to fellow riders or listening to your favorite songs, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are the bomb. Here’s our review of some of the features you should consider when buying one.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Features

Bluetooth technology has been around for years but it hasn’t been until recently that the technology made its way into the biking community and the gear they utilize.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets come in two basic styles:

  • Those that have Bluetooth baked in
  • Those that leave a space for you to in stall a Bluetooth headset

Brain buckets with Bluetooth pre-installed are a very convenient no-muss no-fuss way to add communication features to your motorcycle. They may be a little more expensive than buying the headset and then buying a helmet, but you avoid any installation hassles.

Helmets that are Bluetooth ready sometimes allow for the communication device to be clipped to the outside of the helmet, but usually require installation on the inside. This sometimes requires drilling a hole in the helmet. The cool thing here is if you already have a well-worn and much-loved helmet, you can add Bluetooth on as an accessory.

Bluetooth Helmets – How They Work

Contrary to what your Mother probably says, Bluetooth devices omit no more radiation than a cell phone. It helps that many of these units are actually installed on the outside of the helmet with the speakers and mic on the inside.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Features


However, listening to death metal on these devices may still fry your brain.
(Your Mom was right about that one.)

In addition to cranking some tunes, you can use your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet to call your friends, or your boss, for that matter, by using voice activation. Handy. You can also intercom other riders in your PAN (personal area network). The PAN on a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet ranges from 33 to a whopping 2,300 feet.

We recommend checking on the range as part any shopping excursion to buy a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Also, check out both the talk and rest time on the rechargeable batteries that power the unit. The more you have, the more you’ll pay; but also, the more you can yak – which is the whole point, right?

Make a U-Turn

Another popular feature on the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is the GPS navigator. Having turn-by-turn navigation when you’re on a bike is particularly important because you don’t want any distractions to keep you from watching out for the giant hunks of car metal that are all around. You won’t have to pull off the road to check your map (some people still do this).

Having the voice of a friendly captain for your own personal two-wheeled ship is a huge benefit of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.  Some Bluetooth GPS devices will respond to your voice commands, as well, which is incredibly handy – and safer, too.

Call Me, Maybe?

Then there is the primary feature on these devices, which is probably the real reason you wanted a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet to begin with. Most modern cell phones can be integrated to use the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. You’re already probably familiar with Bluetooth in your car; these same features are now tied into your motorcycle helmet. 

Go Bluetooth or Go Home

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are incredibly popular. Bikers like the options for hands free communication, entertainment, and navigation that the Bluetooth offers. Combining these state-of-the-art communication packages with the intelligent and sturdy design that comes with DOT-certified brain buckets is incredibly smart and efficient. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you should definitely check out the latest in Bluetooth Motorcycle helmets.


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