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Lone Star Rally 2018 [MOTORCYCLE RALLY]

Lone Star Rally 2018 [MOTORCYCLE RALLY]

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Steers, beers, and Harley’s -- That’s what makes the Lone Star Rally hotter than the Galveston sun. Bikers will converge on the island November 1-4, 2018. Thousands of bikes will rumble their way into downtown to party for four straight days. This well-attended show is part concert, street fair, and motorcycle geek-out and appreciation event.

Of course, it’s appropriate that Budweiser – and Bayer aspirin sponsor this year’s Lone Star Rally.

What’s it Like to Go to Galveston?

Half a million people swarm Galveston for the Lone Star Rally. Organizers say it is the largest four-day biker rally in North America. This is the 18th year that hardcore and novice bike aficionados, vendors, and other guests enjoy being a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood that comes with riding a two-wheeler.  Check out the cool classic or new custom bikes, attend or participate in the juried bike shows with some serious cash prizes, or just people watch.

Shop, eat, drink, and above all, be merry. As you might imagine, the partying goes well into the evening at the Lone Star Rally. There’s a ton of biker gear for sale at this show from hundreds of vendors. Park your ride, and take a walk to check out t-shirts and motorcycle wear, custom jewelry, boots, and all of the hand-tooled leather you could possible dream about.

Lining the vendor area are terrific restaurants and bars with super fresh seafood and very cold beer.

There’s music going on throughout the show. When you consider that these are free concerts, it makes the Lone Star Rally actually one of the most economical biker events in the United States. You’ll hear regional and national acts, southern rock, tribute bands, a little 80s hair, plus all the redneck country you could shake your corncob to. The headliners this year are Uncle Kracker, Loverboy, and the David Allan Coe Band. When it’s all over, 47 concerts will be rolled into this one event.

If you get sick of the music, just rev your bike awhile. You’ll have plenty of other people around you to add to your own unique choral arrangement.

But do you want to know what we think is the number one best thing about the Lone Star Rally? This event is F-R-E-E with no registration required. So, there is really no excuse not to strap on your saddlebags and head for all points southwest this November.

Galveston Welcomes You Home for Christmas

Having this rally toward the end of the year is a nice boon for Galveston businesses. Galveston ABC 13 TV quotes a local merchant as saying, “…they are extremely polite. They come in the store a lot, which isn’t something you’d expect from burly bikers. Then they come back, many with their families, to shop for the holidays. It’s good for us, good for the hotels, and good for Galveston. I’m all for it.”

Galveston is great tourist destination at any time of the year, but they really roll out the welcome mat for bikers in each year. There are plenty of great places to stay near the action. There are also lots of things to do if you want to escape from the Lone Star Rally – from museums to art galleries.

But, really, the rally has more than enough to keep you busy. There are nine bike-themed events this year, vendors, bands, and you can even go out on a fishing charter or boat tour around the area.

The Lone Star Rally is a free, jam-packed event suitable for bikers and their families. Head down this November 1 through 4 to check out this truly world-class biker event.

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