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Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket [Review]

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket [Review]

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You shouldn’t go riding out in the open road without wearing an appropriate motorcycle jacket. Aside from protecting you against the wind, rain and sun (bugs, too!) and keeping your skin on your body in case of a crash, a great motorcycle jacket such as the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket can keep you stylishly cool and comfortable as you ride. Yes, motorcycle jackets are quite fashionable even non-riders love wearing them so why shouldn’t you?

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket: What Makes It a Great Choice?

Not all motorcycle jackets are created equal so do your research before investing in one. However, if you want to make sure you pick the right mesh motorcycle jacket to suit your needs, you might want to consider getting yourself a Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket. What makes it a great choice? Prepare to be impressed with everything it has to offer!

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket is extremely flexible. If you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in chilly weathers, and still provide ample protection from the rain, then this is definitely the right motorcycle jacket for you! It is made with a special Cooling FreeAir mesh material across the torso and upper sleeves to help you stay cool all throughout your ride. It even works while you’re on low speeds! You can also choose to open up the wrist area for even more ventilation.

Aside from being a great summer riding jacket, the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket also works great in chilly weather since the quilted thermal zip out vest liner that comes with it can keep you comfortably warm in colder temperatures. To top it off, the jacket also comes with a heavy vinyl full sleeve rain liner which can be attached to the jacket’s interior to keep you from being soaked in wind-driven rain. That means you’ll get a good quality 3 season motorcycle jacket when you get the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket!

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket provides great protection. The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket was designed to keep you safe. It features an ultra reflective weave (Innolite) on the shoulder area, embedded Innolite beads on the mesh structure and 360o reflective stripes and emblems to keep the rider visible at low light conditions. This makes the jacket glow once it is hit by a light source.

The elbows are reinforced with a high tenacity CE-approved nylon material while the areas along the upper back, ribs and forearms are reinforced with a special Dynax fabric for added protection. This is a great add-on feature since Dynax has been proven to provide superior resistance against tear and abrasion and has a surprisingly high melting point. It even has a pocket for optional CE-rated back protector (purchased separately).

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket has a great fit. This jacket offers a comfortable true to size fit and can be adjusted to fit the user’s body frame, thanks to its 6-point SureFit Adjustment System. The collar is lined with a soft, micro-fleece material to provide warmth during chilly rides and has a neoprene interior to prevent it from chaffing. The materials used are of high quality so you can be assured it will last for a long time. You won’t have any issues with snagging or tearing since extreme care has been given to the stitching and overall construction.

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket provides a lots of storage. The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket has two zippered unlined hand pockets at the bottom front, two lined semi-waterproof pockets on the upper left side (one external, one hidden) and a large padded storage pocket on the lower back which is backed with a thick piece of rubber.

Overall, the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket provides great value for your money so you might want to try one now!


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