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HJC IS-MAX II Motorcycle Helmet [Review]

HJC IS-MAX II Motorcycle Helmet [Review]

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You can’t get a decent motorcycle helmet if you’re on a budget, right? Well, if you are a firm believer that the price determines the quality of a helmet, the HJC IS-Max II will prove you wrong! Priced just slightly above the $200 mark ($209.99 for solid colors and $229.99 for IS- Max II Elemental and Style), this modular helmet packs in a lot of punch and gives you great value for your money. What exactly does it offer and why should you consider getting one? Here are some of the enticing features that come with this modular motorcycle helmet.

What Makes the HJC IS-Max II a Knockout?

HJC is the gold standard when it comes to high quality motorcycle helmets on a budget. In fact, the company has been recognized by the Motorcycle Industry Magazine as the leading helmet brand in North America and is the brand of choice of motorcyclists around the world. Through the years, HJC has been creating high quality motorcycle helmets such as the IS-Max II and is not showing any signs of giving up on its mission anytime soon. So, is the IS-Max II the right helmet for you? Here’s what you can expect from this modular helmet.

HJC IS-MAX II - Shell Design

Like most HJC helmets, the IS-Max II is made with the company’s proprietary advanced polycarbonate shell and is manufactured using advanced CAD technology. No wonder, the helmet bears the hallmark of all HJC helmets - it is extremely lightweight and provides a superior and comfortable fit. In fact, most users will attest that they don’t feel any neck or head fatigue while wearing this flip-up helmet, even after hours of riding.

The IS-Max II fits most intermediate oval heads and is available in a wide range of size (XS to 5XL). It also comes in various solid colors (black, matte black, white, silver, anthracite and wine) and graphic designs (Elemental, Style, Dova, Magma and Mine) so you can always find one that best suits your personality.


With its optically-correct clear HJ-17 face shield and integrated drop down HJ-V5 sun shield, there is no question that the IS-Max II is absolutely perfect for riders who usually face differing light conditions.

What’s great about the IS-Max II is that you don’t have to bother putting on your sunglasses or switching out your visors. All you need is to flip the internal sun visor down and you can effectively block the offending glare of the sun! Alternatively, you can instantly retract the shield just by pressing on a button whenever you find yourself in a more dimly lit environment. Does it get any simpler than that?

The helmet’s visor provides 95% UVA and UVB protection and great peripheral vision, thanks to its extra wide aperture. It is Pinlock-ready and features the QuickSlide tool-less shield replacement system to take the pain out of installing and removing your face shield. Additionally, this helmet features a double-edged gasket seal to provide better protection against the wind and the rain. 

HJC IS-MAX II - Interior

The IS-Max II features what it calls the SuperCool Interior. It is lined with a moisture-wicking antibacterial fabric and has fully removable (and washable) crown and cheek pads to keep your helmet smelling fresh and free from disease-causing microorganisms. Who wouldn’t appreciate that? Glass-wearing riders will also love the fact that this helmet features a glasses groove.

HJC IS-MAX II - Ventilation and Air Flow

The HJC IS-Max II is a much improved version of the previous IS-Max model, especially when it comes to keeping your noggin cool. Aside from using its unique Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) to effectively flush heat and humidity up and out of the helmet, the company also decided to reshape the IS-Max II’s shell to improve airflow by up to 40%!  

HJC IS-MAX II - Sound Levels

When HJC reshaped the IS-Max II’s shell, it did more than just improve the airflow. It also made the helmet quieter! Well, some riders may argue that the noise levels are still too high but this is normal since modular helmets don’t suppress noise the way full-face helmets do. If you’re really bothered by the noise, you can always try wearing ear plugs.

HJC IS-MAX II - Safety

The HJC IS-Max II meets or exceeds DOT standards and has been rated as 4 stars for safety in the SHARP safety test so you can be sure you get a good level of protection when you’re using it!


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