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HJC IS-17 Helmet [Review]

HJC IS-17 Helmet [Review]

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What’s so good about the HJC IS-17 helmet that you should consider using one? Well, for starters, the IS-17 is quite a looker. The paint quality is extremely good and the graphics are decidedly spot on. It is also significantly lighter than its predecessor, provides an excellent fit, good balance and great visibility, and is relatively quieter than other helmets.

Additionally, the IS-17 helmet features an internal sun visor, has an extra thick chin strap padding and has the proprietary RapidFire Shield Replacement System for easy, tool-less face shield installation and removal. Best of all, you get all these neat features for less than $200 (price starts at $179.99). At this price point, anyone will agree that the IS-17 is quite a steal!

The HJC IS-17 Advantage: What Makes It a Great Helmet?

For 45 years, HJC prides itself of providing great quality helmets at an affordable price – and it surely won’t be giving up on its mission anytime soon. It has and will continue improving on its products to come up with the best motorcycle helmets for riders around the world.    

HJC IS-17 Helmet - Shell Design

The IS-17, like most HJC helmets, is extremely lightweight and provides an excellent and comfortable fit, thanks to its advanced polycarbonate compact shell. It is available in sizes XS to 2XL and comes in several solid colors (black, matte black, white, anthracite) and intake graphics (red, blue, purple, silver, high-viz). Aside from falling in love with how it looks, this helmet is guaranteed not to give you any neck pain even after riding for hours on end. Every avid motorcyclist will surely appreciate that!

HJC IS-17 Helmet - Visor

The HJC IS-17 comes with a one-touch, integrated smoke-tinted sunshield (HJ-V7) which deploys so easily you can operate it even with your gloves on. It also features three defog settings and a center locking lift tab to keep the visor on your preferred setting while you are on the road. It has an optically-correct face shield (HJ 20M) with anti-scratch coating which can be upgraded by installing a Pinlock insert (optional). The IS-17 also offers great outward visibility, thanks to its large eye port.

Despite its excellent features, some users find some minor flaws in the IS-17, particularly with regards to the sun visor. Some users complain that it is not tinted well enough while others have reported seeing some distortions or waviness, although a simple swap usually solves the problem.

HJC IS-17 Helmet - Interior

The HJC IS-17 helmet is best fitted for riders with neutral to slightly round heads. It has a SuperCool interior made from moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric to keep it virtually odor-free. As an added bonus, the crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable so you can easily take them off for a good cleaning when they start to stink! The cheek pads are also interchangeable across all sizes for a more custom fit.

HJC IS-17 Helmet - Ventilation and Air Flow

The IS-17 is designed for comfort. With this in mind, the manufacturers installed an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) to promote front to back airflow and keep the rider cool no matter how long he stays on the road. It also comes with an integrated air deflector which works extremely well.

HJC IS-17 Helmet - Sound Levels

Admittedly, this one is subjective so different riders will have a different take on the matter but overall, the IS-17 is quieter than other helmets. It muffles wind noise without stifling road noise so you’ll be aware of what’s going on around you at all times.

HJC IS-17 Helmet - Safety

The HJC IS-17 helmet is DOT-approved (it meets or exceeds DOT standards) and while it does not have a Snell certification, it has been given the maximum 5 Star Safety Rating by the SHARP Crash Helmet Safety Scheme. So, go on and enjoy a worry-free ride, and let the HJC IS-17 helmet take care of your safety. Believe me, it does a great job in protecting your head!


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