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HJC HJ 09 Anti Scratch Shield [Review]

HJC HJ 09 Anti Scratch Shield [Review]

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What can be better than taking your motorcycle out on the open road and reveling in the freedom that such an experience brings? Well, if you think there’s nothing that can ever top that feeling, wait until you’ve tried using a high quality face shield such as the HJC HJ 09 Anti-Scratch Shield. If there’s anything that can improve the quality of your ride, this is probably it!

HJC HJ 09 Anti Scratch Shield: Why Should You Consider Using It?

A high quality motorcycle helmet face shield such as the HJC HJ 09 Anti Scratch Shield allows for a more comfortable ride. Aside from protecting the face area from rain, snow and a myriad of pesky insects that seem to make getting trapped in your helmet a habit, it also features an optically correct, 3-dimensional design that effectively blocks up to 95% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

The HJ 09 face shield comes in various tints (smoke, dark smoke, clear) to suit various light conditions. It also comes in high definition orange which is perfect for low light conditions and high definition yellow which is perfect for use during misty or rainy days. HJC RST mirrored shields coated with a metallic compound provide an increased degree of surface reflection for maximum eye protection while providing a unique mirrored rainbow appearance. With these shields, there will be no more squinting or tilting your head to avoid the glare of the sun!

For those who value their privacy and love to go around incognito, you’ll be glad to know that these shields can also hide your eyes and your face from other riders. Pretty cool, right?   

However, if there’s one thing that can’t be beat about the HJC HJ 09 Anti Scratch Shield, it would be its superior anti-fog technology. Some of these shields come Pinlock-ready so all you need is an anti-fog Pinlock insert and you’ll instantly have the best anti-fog system on the planet! The silicone ProSeal on the insert effectively traps a pocket of air between the lens and the shield to create an air tight chamber to keep your breath from condensing on the inside of the shield.

Additionally, the HJC HJ 09 Anti Scratch Shield is also guaranteed to be scratch- and impact-resistant. Most riders attest that this shield fits perfectly and is a breeze to install. In fact, you can easily install and remove it in less than a minute – without using any tools! Cleanup is likewise a no-brainer. All you need is warm, soapy water to clean the smudges. It’s really that simple!

The HJC HJ 09 Anti Scratch Shield with Pinlock pins fits HJC AC-12, CL-15, CL-16, CL-17, CL-SP, CS-R1, CS-R2, CS-R3, FS-10, FS-15, and IS-16 Helmets. It also comes highly recommended for Kawasaki ZX and Kawasaki ZXSP as well as for Joe Rocket RKT 101, RKT 201 and RKT Prime helmets.

Using a high quality shield makes for a more comfortable ride so don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending more and more time on the road!

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