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HJC CS R3 Helmet [Review]

HJC CS R3 Helmet [Review]

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There is no way you can expect to get a decent quality helmet for $100, right? It might be hard to believe but there actually is a motorcycle helmet that can give you some of the features you’ve been looking for without overspending. Still not convinced? Then check out what the HJC CS R3 helmet has in store for you!

What Can You Expect from the HJC CS R3 Helmet?

Out with the old, in with the new! While the CS R2 has been a great, inexpensive entry-level motorcycle helmet, HJC felt that motorcyclists deserve something better so it decided to give the R2 some much needed updates while keeping the price below the $100 mark. And the CS R3 motorcycle helmet was born!

HJC CS R3 Helmet - Shell Design

While the CS-R2 and CS-R3 are both made from advanced polycarbonate composite shell using CAD technology, the CS R3 is undeniably smaller, has a more aerodynamic design, and has more aggressive lines. It also has a larger eye port opening for greater visibility and features an intermediate oval shape so you can expect it to work nicely for most riders in the American market. Without a doubt, the CS-R3 has a more modern feel to it compared to the CS-R2.

The CS-R3 helmet comes in two shell sizes, weighs approximately 3.55 pounds, and is available in six solid colors (black, matte black, white, silver, wine and candy red). For those who want a little variation, the CS-R3It provides several graphic options as well.

HJC CS R3 Helmet - Visor

The HJC CS R3 helmet comes with an optically correct, fog- and scratch-resistant HJ-09 face shield that provides 95% UV protection. And since the RapidFire Shield Replacement System is such a nice feature, HJC decided to use it in the CS-R3, too!

What’s great about this is you don’t have to use any tools when installing or removing your face shield. You just have to pull a lever located on the right side of the helmet and the face shield pops off. And if you want to put the shield back, you just snap it on. It’s really that easy! The CS R3 also provides and extremely tight and secure seal that effectively blocks noise and prevents moisture, thanks to its 2-stage shield closure system.

HJC CS R3 Helmet - Ventilation

With the HJC CS R3 helmet’s Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS), you can stay comfortable and sweat-free while riding – even if you decide to cover long distances. It has adjustable dual forehead and chin vents to promote proper flow of air inside the helmet while the mesh covered rear vents help flush heat and humidity out.

HJC CS R3 Helmet - Interior

HJC puts a high value on comfort so they outfitted the CS-R3 helmet with plush, moisture-wicking Nylex interior. And here’s a piece of great news for all those neat freaks out there - the interior cheek pads and liner are fully removable and washable, and are interchangeable throughout all helmet sizes. As an added bonus, the HJC CS R3 helmet also features built-in communication speaker pockets.

With all these features, you can easily see why a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts appreciate the HJC CS R3 helmet. Are you ready to try it on? For less than $100, you’ll get a great looking helmet with a set of some really nice features. There’s really no way you can lose!


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