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High Seas Rally 2017 - Full Ship Charter

High Seas Rally 2017 - Full Ship Charter

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The High Seas Rally gives a whole new meaning to the words, “cruising on my motorcycle.” That’s because this 14-year old biker rally is the only one in the country that we know of to incorporate a full-charter Western Caribbean boat cruise as part of the experience. The event this year will be held in Port Canaveral, Florida on December 4th through 11th. The ship will take you and your bike to Gran Cayman, Cozumel, and Key West. 

Our best advice: Stay hydrated.

The High Seas Rally has combines all of the rowdy activities that you’ve come to expect at a motorcycle festival, including:

  • A topless man contest
  • Best beard contest
  • Belly smacker contest
  • A poker run
  • Vendors
  • 50/50 drawing
  • Tattoo contest
  • Pirate Biker Bingo – up to $10,000 in prize money


But the High Seas Rally also includes all of the amenities that you would expect on a world-class cruise. You’ll be pampered and fed lush belly building foods, enjoy swimming and sunbathing, and port-stops for shopping and touring.

But your leathers are not optional on this cruise; they say the dress code is “typical motorcycle attire.” For some this may mean full leather, for others this may mean not much clothing at all. That’s cool; we don’t judge.

One of our favorite events on these cruises is the world-famous belly smacker contest. Participants climb to the top of three-foot pool ladder and jump into the water. The crowd’s cheers usually drown the painful smack of their bellies, but you still know how much that had to hurt. It’s the costumes that make this event – of course there are pirates, but also nuns, and even Superman.

The High Seas Rally is an absolutely great way to break up the dead of winter with a little sun and fun. It goes on our “highly recommended” list every year and 2017 looks to be even better.

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