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Top 9 Funniest Motorcycle Ads [Video]

Top 9 Funniest Motorcycle Ads [Video]

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Deciding on the right motorcycle for you usually takes some research and, of course, a test drive or two—or three. But a great commercial can certainly help put one bike at the top of your wish list. Below, we’ve compiled some of the funniest motorcycle commercials from around the world. Tell us which one’s your favorite!

  • 1) Yamaha

  • In this ad, we see a cool looking dude in full motorcycle gear getting ready to ride away on a pretty sleek looking bike. But when he approaches it, we see that some things aren’t always as they appear…

  • 2) Harley-Davidson

  • In this creative tv ad for Harley-Davidson, we see a couple sleeping in bed, dreaming of a joy ride on their bike. I wish I had dreams like that!

    3) Harley-Davidson, Again

    Owning a sweet motorcycle is a pretty great way to woo someone. But you should probably actually have a bike if you want things to work out. I mean, what if she’d asked to go for a ride? C’mon, man.

    4) ...And Again!

    Harley-Davidson must have a killer marketing team. Check out this commercial where a biker goes the extra mile to free some caged pooches.

    5) Aprilia

    Another wiseguy on a minibike. Okay, guys. For the last time: a mini bike is not a motorcycle. Get a real bike!

    6) Broken Head Helmets

    Alright, so this one isn’t technically a motorcycle commercial. But, it was too good to keep off the list. We see a young woman gleefully riding her vespa until she runs into to rough looking biker dudes… 

    7) Indian Motorcycles

    The guy in this commercial is totally smitten with his Harley. ...Or is he?

    8) Triumph

    This commercial details the scientific process behind the Rocket III, including an engine grown from sludge embryos. Ok, so it’s actually just a spoof. But while the content may not be totally truthful, it is a real commercial that was released in 2007.

    9) Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

    In this Progressive ad for motorcycle insurance, they humorously convey the difficulties of communicating with your riding buddies while out on the road. (Although, it’s worth mentioning, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can help with that).

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