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What Are the Fastest Motorcycles Ever Made? [2017 Edition]

What Are the Fastest Motorcycles Ever Made? [2017 Edition]

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Nothing beats the adrenaline rush when you are riding a fast motorcycle, especially if it is one of the fastest motorcycles ever made. Riding a motorcycle is a totally unique experience. It allows you to feel everything, smell everything and notice every single detail happening on the road. Simply stated, it sharpens your senses and allows you to be one with your surroundings. You know, and love, how it feels, right?

If you derive a special kind of physical and emotional pleasure and satisfaction from riding a motorcycle, can you imagine how intense it will be to drive some of the fastest motorcycles produced in the planet? I know what you’re thinking - it will probably blow your mind! For most motorcycle lovers, it will certainly be a dream come true.

Now, are you ready to feast your eyes and know more about some of these ultra-fast motorcycles? Let’s get started!

The MTT Y2K Superbike

If you are dreaming about riding the most powerful, street legal production bike in the world that will give you the thrill of your life, then this one’s for you. The MTT Y2K Superbike is powered by a Rolls Royce-Allison gas turboshaft engine (yes, just like what you will find in helicopters) and generates a mind-blowing 320 HP and 420 ft/lbs of torque. This bike can easily take you from 0 to 200 mph in less than 15 seconds, and has a top speed of 227 MPH. How’s that for an adrenaline fix?

Despite its unbelievable power (Guinness World Records recognized it as the most powerful and most expensive production motorcycle to go on sale), the manufacturers decided to up the ante and equipped later models with a 420 HP turbine capable of producing 500 ft/lbs of torque. Later models also come with larger swing arms, increased fuel capacity and enhanced cooling system. No wonder, Jay Leno, owner of the first production Y2K Turbine Motorcycle, cannot avoid but sing high praises for his bike claiming that it is one of the sexiest, fastest and best motorcycles ever. 

The MTT Y2K Superbike also features an aluminum alloy frame, carbon fiber fairings, computerized ignition and a rear-mounted camera with LCD color display. It is produced on demand and 100% custom made to meet individual buyer’s specifications.

The Dodge Tomahawk


The Dodge Tomahawk is more than just another example of extreme engineering. It is also a rolling sculpture that features retro art deco styling at its finest. Why did we say that? Here’s why.

When it was first introduced at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, the Dodge Tomahawk instantly captured the audience’s interest with its striking design. After all, only an extremely innovative company such as Chrysler will dare to undertake such an ambitious project. The Tomahawk is equipped with an 8.3 liter aluminum V10 SRT10 Dodge Viper engine capable of generating 500 HP and 712 Nm (525 ft/lbs) of torque, and has a top speed of 300 to 400 MPH. Its two front and two rear wheels are independently strung to allow it for easy countersteering.

While it may not have bagged any awards and lost the Specialty Concept Vehicle of the Year award to the GM Hy-wire, the Tomahawk managed to upstage the debut of the Ford 427 Concept (an all-American sedan with a 590 HP engine) and the Cadillac Sixteen (a concept car equipped with a 32-valve V16 engine) in the said event. It was also recognized by Automative News as one of the “10 Most Memorable world Debuts” in the following year.

Neiman Marcus offered hand-built replicas of the Tomahawk for $555,000 and sold nine units of this non-street legal concept vehicle from 2003 to 2006.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R


How does riding the Kawasaki Ninja H2R sound to you? Well, I don’t know about you but most motorcycle racers will surely grab the chance of taking one of the world’s fastest motorcycles for a full throttle, insanely fast ride without batting an eyelash.

So, what makes the Ninja H2R a certified star in the race tracks? The unique combination of power, performance and style makes it every motorcycle lover’s dream! After all, it is one of the most powerful monster track bikes ever made!        

The Ninja H2R possesses unprecedented power and provides superior performance. Outfitted with a system of finely tuned and carefully crafted components, this supercharged supersport motorcycle can easily generate 310 HP (or 326 HP with ram air) and 115 lbs/ft of torque and can fly off the tracks at a top speed of 248 mph.

Its advanced electronic system (e.g. anti-lock braking system, traction control, engine braking control and launch control) allows riders to adapt to a wide range of closed course riding conditions, a definite plus in any rider’s book. Additionally, the H2R combines function and beauty. The front fairing features a carbon fiber wing-like design that not only looks stunningly sexy but also serves to enhance aerodynamics.

If you ever feel the need for speed, any one of these motorcycles will surely be more than enough to keep you satisfied!


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