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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets [ Guide ]

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets [ Guide ]

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Which motorcycle rider can resist the lure of taking their bike for a spin? If you are an avid rider, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Being one with your two-wheeled wonder is such an extremely exhilarating experience you probably wouldn’t trade it for anything else, especially if you are using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet on your ideal motorcycle ride!  

The introduction of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets elevated riding technology to a whole new level. While it may be true that some people treasure the solitude of traveling alone with only their thoughts to keep them company, some riders find the sensation quite overpowering – especially if they are traveling long distances. Thankfully, this problem can now be easily addressed with Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.  

The Benefits of Using Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Why do riders love using them? Well, the answer is really quite simple. They are not just your average motorcycle helmet. Aside from providing the protection you need, they can also make your life on the road easier and a lot more fun!

The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets offer wireless, hands-free technology so you can connect it to most media and communication devices. This means that you can have the freedom to communicate with the outside world or your fellow riders, enjoy listening to your favorite music, and get directions from your GPS without having to stop or take your hands off the handle bar as you navigate your way through busy city streets, across town or along your favorite weekend routes.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets


Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons why you shouldn’t take your motorcycle for a ride without wearing one.

  • It allows you to stay in touch with the outside world. By connecting your Bluetooth helmet to your mobile phone, you have the freedom to place and receive calls and even text anyone (this feature is available in advanced versions) whenever you want without risking your safety. This is especially useful if your job requires you to travel a lot while maintaining constant communication with the office. This feature also allows you to maintain a clear line of communication with your passenger and fellow riders (if you are riding with a group).
  • It breaks the boredom. Traveling on your own can be too much to bear, especially when traveling long distances. Let’s face it. Hearing nothing but the rumbling of your own engine can be overpowering. Wouldn’t listening to your favorite bands while riding your bike be a more appealing alternative? I can imagine a lot of you nodding your heads in agreement! If you’re thinking that using Bluetooth riding helmets will somehow impede your hearing ability and put you at risk while you are on the road, be assured that there is nothing to worry about. These helmets will provide clear and crisp audio without obstructing outside noises (such as honking of horns) to ensure your safety.
  • It keeps you on track – literally. There are times when you just feel like riding your bike to see where the roads will take you. While the idea of exploring unknown territories is really quite intriguing, you may end up getting lost or stranded in the middle of nowhere. Now, where’s the fun in that? Thankfully, with Bluetooth enabled helmets, you don’t have to worry about losing your way. Just connect your GPS with your helmet and you don’t have to stop to check your map or ask directions the next time you take your bike for a ride!
  • It is safe to use. In case you are wondering if it is safe to use a Bluetooth riding helmet, let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Aside from the fact that the main components of these devices emit the same level (or maybe less) of microwaves produced by an average smartphone, a protective layer also separates the device from your head so you can be sure that they are perfectly safe to use.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets: Know Your Options

When buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you have two choices – you can either go for helmets with pre-installed Bluetooth system or choose a motorcycle helmet-capable Bluetooth system.

What’s the difference between the two? Here are some things you need to consider to know which option is right for you.

Motorcycle helmets with pre-installed Bluetooth system can be used straight out of the box and requires no further installation. These may be more expensive compared to the other option but the quality more than makes up for the price difference. These helmets are made from top quality materials and do not show any components and parts that may affect their appearance.

Helmet-capable Bluetooth systems can be clipped onto the sides of your helmet or installed by screwing holes directly into the helmet. Admittedly, this option requires more work but it is definitely the more budget-friendly alternative. As an added bonus, you can still use the helmet you have come to love through the years when you choose to go with this option! 

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets can be your perfect companion on the road so don’t forget to wear one the next time you take your bike out for a spin!


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