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10 Best Motorcycles For Women [Infographic]

10 Best Motorcycles For Women [Infographic]

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Hey Girl, Are you a new rider and trying to zero in on a motorcycle that best meets your needs? It is an overwhelming process to choose the right motorcycle best suited for women especially because there are so many choices. 

Top 10 Motorcycles for Female Bikers

  1. Harley Davidson - Sportstar 838 Superlow Seat Height of 25.5 Inches
  2. Star Motorcycles V Star Custom - Sportstar 838 Superflow Seat Height of 27.4 Inches
  3. Harley Davidson - Sportstar 1200 Custom Seat Height of 26.6 Inches
  4. Harley Davidson - Softail Deluxe Seat Height of 24.5 Inches
  5. Star Motorcycles - V Star 950 Seat Height of 26.6 Inches
  6. Honda Shadow - Spirit 750 C2 Seat Height of 25.8 Inches
  7. Kawasaki Ninja - 250/300 Seat Height of 30.9 Inches
  8. Harley Davidson - Street Glide Seat Height of 26.1 Inches
  9. Kawasaki Vulcan - 900 Seat Height of 27 Inches
  10. Star Motorcycles - V Star 250 Seat Height of 27 Inches


We have shortened the list for you by recommending the top ten motorcycles which we think are ideal for the female motorcyclist in the below infographic. 


Best Motorcycles For Women

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